Project365: #34 – 36

#34 – Due to my inconsistent maintenance of the project I have revised my numbering to not correspond with how many days into the project I am, but simply what number photo it is. We’ll see where I end up by the end of the year. It wasn’t really 365 anyway for me because I got a late start this year.

Clyde has taken claim to one of the patio chairs that I had just put together. Apparently he approves of my outdoor furniture choice! The furniture has since been moved outdoors (where it belongs) and is currently covered in pollen. Ugh.

#35 – Poor Sadie is trying desperately to protect both her food dish and her bone. At one point she had the bone IN her dish, but couldn’t eat around it. This photo is a repeat of one already in my blog…I posted it the day I actually took it! What a shocker!

#36 – Another repeat of a photo in my blog…this time from today. Yup, it is the beginnings of my container garden. I can’t wait until these all start bearing fruit! There is nothing better than a salad with truly fresh veggies in it.

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