Argh! Back pain!

I tweaked my back either sometime last night or this morning. I am wondering if the 2.5 cu ft bags of potting soil had anything to do with it? Probably – hefting them up into the back of the truck without help probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do (especially when it was raining out so the soil was wet).

The timing on this couldn’t be worse. Aside from general discomfort, Sunday Neil and I are going to go participate in the PhotoWILD! event at the Carolina Raptor Center. Hauling camera equipment and trying to hold a camera steady is going to be interesting. I will have my tripod with me, but I am not very efficient with using it and mostly try to avoid it when possible. I am really looking forward to this though. I love the raptor center and what a fun opportunity to get to photo the pretty things all up close and personal! Heck, if I get some good shots I will even enter them into the contest. The best part is that my mom will be in town the weekend of the awards and auction of the entries. It will be fun to get to show off a little. I really hope I have some good stuff to show off!

In the meantime, I have taken some Advil and in a while I might break out the heating pad. LIke I really needed another excuse to be lazy – I was even motivated enough to think about tackling the painting here in the office today.

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