Sadie: The one that got away.

Ha! Sadie had a Big Adventure today in the back yard. She chased the neighbor cat all the way down the hill and through the meadow. She was on a mission. No listing to me yelling after her to “stop right now and come back”. She didn’t even cock an ear like she heard me. So, I finally let go a little…I left her to her chase and went back to wrestling the hose into the new hose bowl. Sure enough, not long later I hear some strange little yippy woof sounds…I was tempted not to call to her, but I caved. As soon as I called her name I heard her come crashing back up the hill. She is so funny…she will wander and run and be totally obnoxious until she realizes I am not in view and then she freaks out a bit until she finds me again. Anyway, at least I know the meadow is mostly dry and solid now since she didn’t come back covered in mud, just covered in grass seed that is now making me sneeze like mad.

I will feel better once I get the fence up along the one side of my house…then I don’t have to worry about her running through people’s yards and up onto the busy street. If she stays down where she was today, the one neighbor is ok with her down in his part of the meadow and then it is just woods…and a creek that I doubt she’d try to cross. She doesn’t like the water. I blame the Dalmation in her.

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2 thoughts on “Sadie: The one that got away.

  1. Ah, the thrill of chasing. When we have our dogs out hiking if they see something in the distance they'll take off. But neither of them like being our of our sight for too long. They're afraid they'll get left behind. 😉

  2. Exactly! That is about the only authority or control I have over Sadie – she is VERY co-dependent and gets spazzy when she realizes she might be all alone. I am sure now that she knows she can make it down the hill there will be no stopping her when the deer or rabbits are around.

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