Photography: Photo WILD! 2007

Sunday Neil and I participated in the Photo WILD! event at the Carolina Raptor Center. Aside from about 45 minutes of some serious rain, it was a lot of fun! The raptor center brings out birds (about 4 at a time) and places them on various props made to look like natural (or semi-natural) settings. The event takes place over three different days, each day is limited to the number of participants so the birds don't get too overwhelmed with the crowd. I had a blast and next year we will both remember to bring more CF cards. We missed about 8 birds I think, but (hopefully) got some fantastic shots of the ones we did see.

All the birds are ones that were injured and cannot be re-released into the wild – some of them have such sad stories, I am so glad they have a place like the center to live in now. The entry fee and also the auction of photos that are entered into their contest are funds for the center so it was a great cause.

While we were there, one of the sposors of the event (Biggs Camera) was there and let use try out some lenses…*sigh* I didn't even play with the big one that Neil did. I knew I would covet it and eventually find a way to buy it with funds I don't have right now. It was a gorgeous Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5/5.6L IS USM lens…I want. And I totally and completely cannot afford. What I can afford, however, is the lens that I got to try out – the EF 70-300mm f4/5.6 IS USM. It was lovely…we'll see what the photos came out like – I used it hand-held because that would be why I would spend the money on the IS lens since I already have the non-IS version of this lens. Neil also got to play around with a mono-pod which he seemed to be having fun with…he has been wanting one for awhile now. I might get him one as a present if we can start getting out more to go shoot stuff.

Once I get photos off the camera and sorted through I will post some for all to see. And if any are good enough, I will note which I am considering entering into the contest. We'll see – I am not always the best judge of my own work.

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