Project365: Days 38 – 40

#38 – Clyde in a Box:

Clyde was just chillin' in this box – a RedHook beer box to be exact. Then he hear his sister playing in the kitchen and realized it was much easier to get into the box than it was to get back out of the box. Eventually, Bonnie came to see what the commotion was and knocked the box entirely over with her brother in it. Ahhhh sibling love!




#39 – Adler: Adler is a 2 year old bald eagle that was presented at the PhotoWILD! even at the Carolina Raptor Center on Sunday. I have better photos to follow once I get them sorted through and names matched up with birds, but for now, I really liked this one as representative for the day. He is an amazing animal – why anyone would want to hurt ANY animal, let alone our national bird is beyond me. (FYI – bald eagles take up to 5 years to get their white head feathers…because they are fully grown in just six weeks, it is nature's way of separating out those that are ready to mate and those that aren't old enough yet.)



#40 – Happy Dog: Today was another gorgeous day in the South. Eighty degrees and sunny with a lovely breeze. Sadie was loving the evening sun in the backyard while I finally planted the vegetables and then sat and enjoyed the sun with her.

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