Garden: Veggies are planted!

Well, stage one of the garden effort has been mostly completed. The veggies I purchased have been planted in their respective pots. Of course, after all the weather checking I did before buying them, now they are predicting below freezing nighttime temps for the next week or so starting on Thursday. Grrr. I will have to cover them (and then uncover them during the day so they don't cook).



I think if I am careful, though, they will be just fine. In another week or two I will look into the cucumber plant and the bush beans. I can't wait to have fresh veggies!!! I also still need a couple hotsas for the front porch.



Last night Sadie and I hung out on the patio and enjoyed the lovely weather. The daytime highs are supposed to dramatically cool off for a bit again too. Mid 50's to 60's…which the Northwesterner in me will like, but at the same time, I was getting pretty used to this 70's and 80's weather! Here's a full view of the patio with the plants and new furniture…


The grill (and house) is just out of the photo to the right. You can also view my beer there on the table. Ha! Good old RedHook IPA…reminds me of back home.

In just four weeks Mom will be out here and the real garden/yard planning will begin. I have some ideas that I want to try to do while she is here, or at least get some hands-on advice for – like laying pavers to extend the patio area. But mostly, we are going to just draw up plans and get stuff mapped out. I am fine with the execution, I just don't know where to start with any of it. Over the next couple years though, my neighbors are going to be shocked – I am determined to surpass a certain neighbor who currently looks down upon me because I haven't jumped right into beautifying my yard. Won't they be sorry! Once I am comfortable on the inside the ouside is scheduled to look just as nice if not nicer. SO there!

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2 thoughts on “Garden: Veggies are planted!

  1. Did you recently move into your house and that's why you're working on stuff inside and out? We seem to always have or want to do a project inside and outside. The list never seems to get shorter either! I'm jealous that you're able to have veggie plants outside now as mine are still starting to sprout in the basement under lights.

  2. Awww soon yours will be outside too!
    Yes, I just moved out here in August of last year. Add to that, that I travel for a living which at the time was taking me out of town three weeks out of the month (at least for the next quarter I get to stay local with my work which I am loving!) and I wasn't left with much time to work on things. I LOVE color, and have been working to get the interior of the house painted and "finished". It is almost there, but I got a little burned out on painting – I am getting back into it though just to get it completed. The house was new construction so mostly there aren't too many projects that absolutely need to be done – but as you said, tons that I want to do and more added to that daily!
    The soil out here is clay and there was no top-soil laid when they did the landscaping – they seeded vs. laying sod for the grass so it is a mess anyway (they never waterd the seed) and there is still a ton of concrete chunks and other building debris burried throughout the yard. Essentially, I am looking at about 1/2 an acre that needs to be landscaped. I could do it on my own, but right now I am somewhat overwhelmed. It will be nice to have my mom here to get me started in the right direction!

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