Sadie: Wow, it’s really been that long already?

I am not sure what prompted it? Maybe reading about so many other dogs or doing the bird thing this weekend, but lately I have been hyper focused on my animals. Today I started figuring out exactly how old Sadie is because I am terrible at time frames and how long it has been since something has taken place. What I came up with is that Sadie is seven years old! Wow. I still remember what a hyperactive little puppy she was, but so, so sweet. I got her on Mother's Day weekend in 2000. She was potty trained from day one and wouldn't hurt a soul (except any darn paper product). I didn't even know she could bark until she was almost two years old. Since then she has fully found her voice and when she feels the occasion warrants it, she uses it to the fullest.

I can't imagine her growing old – but she is already in her doggie mid-life years. She is definitely my kid and I love her to death. She drives me nuts sometimes, but all it takes is one of her "I'm sorry" looks and it makes everything better. I've got the best dog ever – I don't care what anyone else says. I'm lucky to have gotten to adopt her and I am glad she seems as happy as she does being here with me!

She has made the past seven years of my life more special than I could have imagined and I am looking forward to many more to come!

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3 thoughts on “Sadie: Wow, it’s really been that long already?

  1. Hahaha! I am such a dork (I haven't been feeling well and am really run down – in my defense)…she is only seven. But still, seven years! I keep thinking of her as only about three or four.

  2. Well she doesn't look seven either. 😉 While my mind read that she was a pup in 2000 I never even realized that would make her almost seven and not eight. I'm not feeling run down so I don't know what my excuse is, although it's getting close to my bedtime. I hope you feel better!

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