Garden: What happened to Spring?

The freeze last night got to my tomato plant…even covered wasn't enough for it. Unfortunately, the pot is too large and heavy for me to drag up by the house or that might have helped. The peppers, which are in smaller pots, I did get up by the house and snuggled in next to the grill. That along with the plastic covering I placed over them helped save them, I think. Let's hope that it works for about another week until this cold snap passes!


The forecast keeps getting colder with overnight temps now estimated down in the 20's. Nothing like what the Midwest is experiencing, but cold none the less! At least the days are still nice with sunshine and highs in the mid-fifties.

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One thought on “Garden: What happened to Spring?

  1. Oh no! Poor 'mater plant. At least it's still early in the season and you can get another one. I hope the rest of your plants survive the cold spell.

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