Dudley – Great Horned Owl

Dudley is the unfortunate example of what happens when people do not respect nature. He is now a resident of the Carolina Raptor Center because he has imprinted on humans and can no longer survive on his own in the wild.

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5 thoughts on “Dudley – Great Horned Owl

  1. Lovely shot of Dudley. Makes me sad reading the bit at the bottom, as much as I love seeing animals and birds, seeing birds cooped up in cages at a zoo unable to spread their wings and fly makes me the saddest.

  2. Luckily, in Dudley's case, he can still fly so he is out and about for various showings and educational programs a lot. This center also has a great "weathering" area they call it, where the birds can fly and actually stretch their wings. 🙂 The saddest cases there are those that have lost wings or eyesight due to gunshot wounds. People can be so cruel.

  3. I'm really, REALLY happy to see that Dudley is still around. I volunteered at the Raptor Center for a around 2000-2002, and always enjoyed working with him.He's a really beautiful animal.And he hates baseball caps.

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