Photography: Long glass love…

I am in love! I went and played today…boy did I ever play! I was good and started out with the lenses that were my original mission…the 70-300 IS and the 70-200 L. And, as I already suspected, I love the L. It has weight, but not too much. It is wider in diameter making it feel better to hold. It is pretty. (Not that that really has anything to do with anything other than my girly side.) It also takes infinitely clearer photos…so I will be ordering one soon – probably later tonight. Ha!

Once I was done with the 'work' I played. I tried out several of the L series long lenses. To be honest, I don't even remember which ones anymore. I do know I tried out the 100-400 that Neil had used at the Photo WILD! event and it was awfully nice for the extra reach…then I looked at the prime super-telephoto lenses. *swoon* Someday maybe I will be good enough (and rich enough) to justify such pretty things in my camera bag…even if it is a dream now, it was fun to play!

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