Photography: Common…just give me a hug!

I am personally fascinated with vultures. They may not be the most beautiful of the avian world, but they intrigue me. They are very social birds (wild vultures will come hang out at the vulture aviary at the center) and to watch them fly…well, I have never seen anything more graceful soaring on the thermals in the summer. I am particularly fond of the black vultures – no offense to Sadie here. 

Sadie has a condition called leucism that causes her unusual light coloring (she is NOT, as I have learned, albino which is an entirely separate condition). She was a big show-off for the cameras while we were there which made her really fun to shoot!

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2 thoughts on “Photography: Common…just give me a hug!

  1. Vultures are ugly but fascinating creatures. We see them flying around. From time to time we'll see them up close eating roadkill on a country road. I think they look kind of grumpy.

  2. Hahaha! They do look sort of grumpy…I think it is their hunched-over posture. But getting to watch them interact at the center has really given me a new perspective on their personality. (It is also why I like the black vultures better – they have feathers on their heads and look slightly less meanacing.)

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