Project365.45: Breakfast Nook

Project 365.45: Breakfast Nook – Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning (vacuuming up animal hair – despite this cold snap, they are all shedding like they are going to go bald!) and rearranging/reusing furniture. I have been looking for a hutch or cabinet to put on this wall in my kitchen for cookbook storage as well as possible china and stemware storage. The problem is that everything that I love is way out of my current price range. Instead, I changed gears. I took the bookcase that was in my office to use in the kitchen for the time being and found a new and bigger bookshelf for the office. Essentially killing two birds with one stone and saving me bunches of money since I needed more book storage in the office too. I will be going to get the new bookshelf for the office tomorrow and then this week painting the wall it will go on so I don't have to move it again once I get it situated.

You might note in the photo here that the kitty dishes are on the breakfast table. This is to keep the dog from chowing down on kitten food. Also, the big blob of paint on the wall is indicative of my loss of steam on the painting project front. Eventually the kitchen will all be that color.

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