Life update…

Wow. Lots has been going on this week. I finally cracked down and started in on painting the office…unfortunately, it is going to be a bit of a piecemeal job because I have to keep things semi-functional in here. So, I got the closet wall painted and most of the wall with the windows on it which then allowed me to put together the new bookcase and get it secured to the wall and filled with books. As a result, I can now see the floor in here again! Next up: to move my “work” desk into the middle of the room so I can finish painting the window wall and start in on the wall that desk was on. That will be my Saturday project. Right now I have some less messy projects I need to get done.

For my bedroom I purchased the 2-shelf dark stained version of the bookcases I originally bought for the office. They are inexpensive and though they are veneer, they really look nice. I was also really impressed with how sturdy they were which is something I need with crazy kittens running around. I did choose to leave the backing off of them. They are plenty stable without it and look like much higher end furniture without. Also, it lets the paint color on the walls show through!

Last night Neil was a dear and helped me drag the old entertainment center upstairs into the bonus room. It wasn’t exactly an easy task, but if we could get that stupid treadmill up there we can get ANYTHING up there. Originally I was going to take the old shelf to Goodwill, but realized it would be perfect for what I need in that room so why pay money for a new one? It is still in really good shape, it is just reminiscent of my college days (OK so it was purchased just after college, but it is still that sort of modular look that doesn’t go with any of my new substantial – what I like to call ‘real’ – furniture.) So now, I just need to rearrange some things up there so I can get the TV set up on it and also my little bookshelf stereo. Now I will have entertainment options while I am doing my workouts.

And now that the entertainment center is back out of the garage, I can start working on getting things in there organized and find permanent homes for things. I am going to dismantle an old futon frame and use the wood to create rails to hang garden tools on and other such things. My goal is to get most everything up off of the floor out there by the end of next week. I will also be hauling some things to the Habitat for Humanity store here…the kitchen sink that we replaced, faucets, a couple light fixtures…all of it is practically new and can be put to good use there I think.

I guess that’s about it…nothing very exciting, just lots and lots and lots of projects. I bought a tomato plant to replace the one I lost in the recent cold snap. Keep your fingers crossed that this one won’t have the same fate. I think the weather is finally where it should be for this time of year here so I think I am safe. We’ll see!

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2 thoughts on “Life update…

  1. Hopefully life will slow down for you a little bit. You've mentioned that you sometimes travel quite a bit for work. Will that be starting up again anytime soon?

  2. Thanfully, no. All of my work is local here in Charlotte at least through the end of June. Right now most of this busy-ness is just a mad rush to try to get the interior of my house somewhat complete before my mom comes to visit in a few weeks. That will allow me to really focus on working on the yard then. 🙂
    I expect the travel to pick back up some next quarter – but hopefully it won't ever get back to where I was last year with being gone four days a week, three weeks a month. If it does I will start seriously looking for another position with the company (or elsewhere if there isn't anything else to be had here).

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