DIY: The office project…

I loathe dismantling the computer stuff in here. There is more crap…with more cables…and it always seems to get into a tangled mess. I get annoyed at the number of things plugged into the machines. And now that one of the machines is being relocated to the bedroom for movie watching, all the other peripheral stuff from that one will get plugged into this one. (My cell phone, the printer, two external hard-drives, etc, etc, etc.) When did I become such a geek?

I blame Neil – but, truth be told, I have always been something of a techno-geek. I love toys. Unfortunately, I love expensive toys. Between the computers and the camera…why can’t I just enjoy shoe shopping instead like a “normal” girl? (No offense to the gals out there.) I could have a LOT of shoes for the technology I own.

My back hurts from hauling heavy things around the past few days, I am not looking forward to hauling the old machine down the hall. But if I can get it out of here then I can get the shelf it was on moved and finish the painting (walls only) in here and get everything back in order tomorrow.

So, I guess enough whining…time to get back to this so it can be done.

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