DIY: Woohoo!

The walls are done! The walls are done!

Unfortunately, I decided that the floating wall shelf in here just needed to go. It doesn’t hold enough  weight to be useful in an office and really, it was just too big in here. The problem is that I had to fill some nasty molly-bolt holes and because I didn’t feel like taking days to get it done “just right” they are still somewhat noticeable. Though, on the same token, I doubt anyone but me would notice them…I just know they are there and that bugs me. Eventually, I think a nice cork board will cover them and then I won’t be so bothered.

The color is great…I just need to wait a few more hours for it to get really dry so I can get the computer and desk put in their new homes. I think actually, it might take a bit more than just a few more hours…it is really humid today and I think it might be slowing the drying process.

Once the big furniture is put in its place I get to tackle sorting through the cabinets and drawers in here and getting rid of a lot of junk. It is going to feel so good to have everything organized again and usable in here!

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One thought on “DIY: Woohoo!

  1. Woo hoo!! Your not perfect walls just give them a little character and personal touch. And like you said, I'm sure no one will notice. We've got some of that in our house too from when we've worked on things.

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