Critters: The ‘Terrible Two’ get taken down a notch…

Nono, really they are not at all terrible, they are delightful and sweet – most of the time. However, for this particular situation I was out of options as well as almost finding myself in a HUGE financial bind. Kittens, Bonnie and Clyde, will be coming home tomorrow from getting de-clawed. (Front feet only, before anyone completely freaks out on me. There was actually a guy at the vet when I dropped them off getting all four feet done on his cat. _I_ almost freaked. How do they scratch or groom themselves that way? Ack! Anyway…I digress.)

I almost didn't write anything about this because I know what a touchy subject it can be with some folks. Yes, it is major surgery. No it is NOT like having your fingernails "ripped out" as some so love to describe it. And yes they will have tender toes for a bit, but in the end, I have never seen a de-clawed cat that had any problems. I will also add the disclaimer that they are indoor only kitties and have no true defensive needs. In fact, their most dangerous enemies are each other.

The events leading up to this? The carpet. Over the past few weeks they have suddenly taken a liking to ripping at the carpet along the baseboards. In the process they rip out the tufts and I now have various holes in my carpet that is less than a year old. I cannot afford to get it replaced. If it had been the furniture I would have even let it go…but this would have lead to sub-flooring damage and a huge expense to fix left unchecked.

I tried various anti-scratch sprays. I tried tin foil – too bad they LOVE the crinkle sounds it makes and it promoted things even further! I tried loops of tape that would get stuck and maybe distract them into not digging at the floor – they figured out how to get around them. They have multiple scratching posts around the house, and yes, they USE them. So, finally, I called my vet.

They went in on Wednesday morning; everything went perfectly. I got a call this evening that things are still going well and they will get to come home tomorrow afternoon. I miss the little buggers – and what is even more heart-wrenching, Sadie misses them. She keeps looking under beds and in closets for them. Tomorrow we will be one big happy zoo again and I am sure that the SadieDog will be her usual wonderful big sister and take care of them both while they recuperate.

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