Bad dog!

Sadie pulled the naughtiest of all naughties first thing out of bed this morning…she decided to go take a tour of the neighbor dog's house. Remember the photo of the Great Dane and her matching doghouse I posted sometime back? Yes, that house. Thank goodness for her little puppy sake that Molly was not in her house or even in the yard. Molly doesn't like other dogs. Molly will maul and eat other dogs. (This is what her owners have specifically told me, I am not about to test their word on this.) So, it has come down to the wire. Sadie can no longer go out without being on her leash…at least until I get the fence installed.

No more procrastinating! Monday I will call to get the bid and I will get the proposal submitted to my HOA so I can get their approval (one of the blessings that is also a curse about living in a nice neighborhood setting…there are rules to keep broken down cars from sitting in front yards and such, but there are also rules that impede moving forward with yard projects when the time finally comes to getting around to doing them). Hopefully, I will have the fence up before I leave for my trip home over the Fourth of July…it will all depend on the company's schedule and how fast I get my HOA approval back.

So, that was my excitement for the morning…traipsing through my neighbor's backyard, sans bra, in my pjs, dragging my dog home because she decided to not listen at the most crucial moment. She has never been a good 'off-leash' dog, but up until now, she has mostly been good about staying in her own yard. I guess we have gotten a little too comfortable with things and it is time to go back and work on some puppy rules.

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2 thoughts on “Bad dog!

  1. Me too! And I blame only myself for the situation. Normally, I am much better about keeping an eye on where she is because I KNOW she wanders. I am working on the lot drawing right now so it will be ready to go out to the HOA in tomorrow's mail.

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