La, la, la…

The left thumb is healing up just fine thanks to it being a nice clean cut. The right thumb, however, it slow going and achy…and downright owie when I smash it on things. Nothing lets you know how used our digits are until you seriously injure one. At least it no longer stings when it gets wet, so showering and doing things like washing dishes is doable again.

I talked to my dad about helping to finance some of my portion of costs for my sister’s wedding. He was happy to do it. I am mentally perturbed that I had to ask and yet very relieved. I am tired of blowing so much money on this thing. I am overjoyed for her and very excited about the vacation – but it won’t really be a vacation…and if it were, I would never spend this much on one. At least not at this time in my life. (She chose the Hilton as our hotel for the bridal party. To my knowledge, there are only a couple places there that cost more per night.) Unfortunately, I think actual wedding gifts are going to have to wait until after the first of the year. Luckily, tradition and Ms. Manners both say that you have up to a year after the wedding to get the gift. I figure this way I can pick up whatever was missed on the registry. Right?

Heh…so now that I am relieved of the full burden of my trips and the shower and the wedding stuff what do I do? I buy myself a new camera bag. Though, I suppose technically this falls into the “things for the wedding” category since I would not be buying a new bag anytime soon if I weren’t needing it for all the travel and if I hadn’t been asked to help supplement photos for the wedding. I will also be photographing the shower. Oh yeah, and since I am throwing the shower am I still expected to do a shower gift too? Anyway, I will post photos of the new bag when it arrives.

Thankfully, one of my sister’s friends has offered to do the planning for the bachelorette party while we are up there. This is good because I am a terrible party planner, though I have been asked to monitor the planning to ensure there are no male strip clubs or anything of the sort planned. My sister and her fiance are not into that sort of thing. The shower planning is fine because I am a decent coordinator and I have enlisted one of our good friends to help with “stuff to do”…and it will be more of just a casual pool party/BBQ (or as they say here in the South – ‘cook out’) than any sort of traditional bridal shower anyway. I do think some sort of ice breaker thing would be nice though, since I don’t know a lot of the girls nor do our friends because they are Amy’s work buddies. I am sure they are all super nice people though…my sister has awesome friends!

Speaking of bachelorette party, my sister is nuts! They are doing traditional separate parties for the bachelor and the bachelorette the night before the wedding!!! The way these two (and more importantly the way their friends) can party…there could be a lot of hung-over people the next day. Good thing the wedding isn’t until later in the afternoon. The reception will be held in the lodge-style bar of our hotel. All in all I think it is going to be a fabulous affair that we will all remember for a long, long time…but I am already exhausted just thinking about it!

OMG…and it just dawned on me that I need to think of some sort of little speech to give for the toast. Maybe I can pawn all of that off onto the best man? I will be bawling my eyes out – that’s what I do at weddings.

I am so excited to be going home for this visit, I can hardly contain myself. I am already working on getting things together and packed. I am going to miss the critters, but my mom, dad, and sister all have kitties and lots of our friends have dogs so I will still get some fuzzy snuggling while I am away. It will also be nice to get away from this hot, humid weather. Yesterday was 97 here…today is cloudy and only slightly cooler. Dry air and temps in the 70’s will be weclome! And 4th of July should be fun. I think we are headed to one of my sister’s friend’s houses for a little shindig. I am sure there will be photos of that too.

Whhheee. I suppose I ought to go get some work done now.

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2 thoughts on “La, la, la…

  1. The amount of money spent on weddings is crazy for those getting married and those involved in the wedding (heck even those just invited). With three weddings this summer it's unlikely that we'll take a trip for our fifth wedding anniversary in the fall. I'm glad you were able to get some financial help to ease your mind and pocketbook.We have a reprieve from the heat and humidity today. It's very welcome. But I don't think it's going to last more than a couple of days.

  2. Hahaha! Mostly I am a big whiner. I know people go through this all the time…it just really shocks me at the sheer expense of a wedding. Sure, they could have gone a less expensive route…but even then it would still be outrageous!
    I am glad you got some reprise in your weather there. We are supposed to get some cooler air over the next couple days and then this weekend will be hot again. Much warmer than usual according to everyone around here. Makes me wonder what summer will be like!

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