Life lately…

Still not much excitement around the household here. I’ve been in a bit of a lazy funk lately (see the photo below – I think I might have caught whatever it is from Bonnie). Actually, I think it is my allergies getting the better of me. The allergy meds, decongestants and Advil don’t seem to be doing much to help (though, of course, there is the flip side to that – maybe they are helping immensely and it could be all that much worse!)

I finally got around to doing some much needed household chores on Monday – the typical stuff: vacuuming, dishes, laundry. And in keeping with my new goal of vacuuming several times a week, I am going to do that again today. I am hoping it will help reduce the pollen and animal dander in the house. At the very least it will help reduce the amount of animal fur floating around. I really do thing all my animals will go bald soon. I keep expecting to see bare patches on them with the amount of their fuzz that I pick up each day. Alas, they are all as fluffy as ever.

It turns out one of the kitties is allergic to fleas (which really is not so uncommon for kitties) so I have had to change up the stuff I use on Sadie. We are now using the K9 Advantix which is supposed to kill fleas before they bite (the goal being they die beofre they get the chance to come in on her and then get onto the kitties). I have also treated the kitties with stuff the vet gave me. None of the animals was infested by any means, but all it takes is one of those buggers to make Bonnie want to chew until she has sores. Poor thing. I had one other kitty that had this problem so at least I had a pretty good idea going into it what I was dealing with.

Work is tedious. I really need to win the lottery so I can become a professional bum. Heh. Actually, then I could have the time to do the things I really want to do – like volunteer work for various things. Someday. Someday.

A week from today I will be back home. I can’t wait! Dress fitting aside (ugh!) the rest of the trip will be a blast. Mostly I can’t wait to get my hair cut…it is driving me nuts!

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4 thoughts on “Life lately…

  1. I love Advantix. That's what we use on our dogs. I like that it takes care of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. I've never had it wear off before the month is up and our dogs are in the water quite a bit. If you find out where you can be a professional bum let me know. I think I'd like to sign up.

  2. I am so glad to hear it! I was going to send you a message asking if you had used it and what you thought of it. We needed a quick fix and I figured almost anything would be ok for a short term solution, but I am glad to know it is a good long term solution too! I am also glad to know it seems to do well with water…I had been using Frontline Plus and I am not sure what the deal was, but it seemed to be wearing off faster out here. I think maybe because Sadie gets more baths here with the hotter weather and all. Back in Seattle it worked just fine, but much less water interaction overall.
    I wish Sadie liked to play in the water, I would love to take her to the nearby river to go swim and play…I am thinking of getting a kiddie pool and trying it out with her. She will usually go into the water until it touches her belly (swimming freaks her out for whatever reason). We'll see!

    Hahah! I will definitely let you know! (Of course the job of Professional Bum would have to come with a housekeeper and a gardener…a true bum does no work of any kind, right?) 🙂

  3. Our current vet doesn't sell Advantix so I have to order it online. I've done research on what places are good vs bad since some online businesses sell "fake" stuff. I haven't had a problem with the stuff I've gotten online wearing out either. Haven usually likes to wade but not swim. She's more into swimming if one of us are in the water too. Then she feels like she has to be with us and will swim. Hopefully Sadie will like the kiddie pool and want to work up to rivers, ponds, lakes, etc.

  4. Our vet had samples of the Advantix for us to use, but doesn't normally sell it. I ordered a supply from Drs. Foster & Smith ( I used to use them exclusively for all my pet supplies when I had my 75 gallon aquarium. Now I use them occassionally for things like the flea stuff and also for Sadie's condroitin/glucosamine suppliments.
    I think this weekend I will go get a pool and see what happens! I'll keep you posted.

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