Me? A softie? What makes you say so?

Meet Mr. Mouser. This adorable little guy has been hanging out around my house for awhile now. (Please note that his eyes are a cross between the color of the grass and the color of the sky.) Mostly he had been sneaking around out in the back yard and hunting out on the hill behind the house. In fact, he got his nickname because the other day I heard some odd squeaking while I was out working in the yard. When I went to investigate there he was sitting perfectly still looking at me with wide, scared eyes…hoping that I wouldn't notice him and scare him off. In his mouth was a mouse – the source of the squeaking.

Sure, I felt bad for the poor field mouse, yet I don't really want them around my house (or in my house for that matter) so I left him to his business and went back to mine. Over the past couple days I have noticed him coming closer and closer to the house. Finally, last night, there he was crying with the most pitiful little meow on my front porch.

Do you even have to ask? Of course I went out to see him! He shied away when I first opened the door, but immediately came back with a loud purr and a lot of rubbing. The poor thing (though you can't really tell here) is skin and bones…his ribs are right under his skin and his sides are sunken in when he stands and walks. His fur is still pretty soft though, which is a good sign. He isn't to the point that he is sick, I don't think, but enough so that I went back inside and got him some food and water. Thank goodness I started with just a little because he wolfed it down in between making sure I was still there to pet and love him. 

So, what now? I have made an appointment for him at the vet's office after I get back into town next week (the soonest they could get him in was late this week anyway). Assuming he is still around, I want to make sure that he is healthy before I let him in the house. Sure, all my critters are vaccinated, but I don't want him sharing the worms that I am sure he has. And I want to be home to supervise things for awhile. It would be mean to let him in for a day and then put him back out for another week. Neil will be keeping his food and water dishes full and I have set up a little towel for him to sleep on, though, for now he seems to prefer the pine bark. Maybe he feels safe camouflaged as such?


Once he is all checked out and where I know he is safe then I will debate the methods of checking around to see if he does belong to anyone. Unfortunately, I grew up in an area where animals were frequently taken from yards, "found" posters, and other ways for who knows what evil purposes. That scares me a lot…but I also know that if my kitty were missing I would be so sad and be doing everything I could to find them, so I will be keeping an eye out for lost posters at the very least. I will also call the local vets to let them know – I would hope that anyone calling about him via the vet's office would be legitimate. My gut tells me, though, that this guy may be here to stay.

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