Almost human again!

After dragging my way through the work day, I slept off and on all evening. Neil was wonderful and brought dinner home with him so I didn’t have to actually DO anything last night. We ate while watching Rear Window and then I dragged myself to bed where I promptly passed out. I did wake around 1am somewhat restless, but that must not have lasted long because though it felt like I was up forever, suddenly I was grumbling at the alarm that was waking me from a very, very sound sleep.

I am still really tired and could use another 24 hours of sleep or so, but I don’t feel like such a zombie today.

Mr. Mouser is back. Of course! He showed up around sunset last night. (He was supposed to have gone to the vet yesterday morning, but he was nowhere to be found.) And he is here again this morning. I will try the vet thing again tomorrow morning if he is around. The vet has open office hours on Saturdays, so though we may have to wait awhile to get in, it will be worth it.

He is a sweet kitty, but he has what I call the “happy nibbler” problem. He bites (not hard) when he gets really happy. So, it seems our new friend will need to be socialized a bit and learn some better manners. That aside, he doesn’t seem at all aggressive and today he held his own on the front porch when Sadie came running out to check him out and play with him. He just hissed and swatted at her once – no claws out I noticed, which is usually a sign that the cat has been around dogs before.

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