The “Official” Mr. Mouser

Well, as the title says…it's official. Mr. Mouser has joined the family and has been given a clean bill of health by the vet (with the exception of being somewhat underweight). He was snipped today. Poor thing is still so drugged up that he had an accident in his carrier on the way home. Oh my goodness I had forgotten HOW bad cat pee stinks!

Luckily there was a towel in the carrier so I could just throw it in the washer. The kitty, though, is another story. He is stinky. I did my best at giving him a sponge bath (which he was surprisingly tolerant of despite his obvious dislike of it all) but that still isn't enough. So now I have left him to (hopefully) get himself cleaned up. At least now he is home where he has a litter box and a clean place to sleep.

He is a lover. He loooooooves people. He is apathetic about the other cats and seems to be taking a liking to the dog more and more. Clyde is very curious and I think will buddy up to him pretty quickly. Bonnie, on the other hand, isn't so sure about the whole thing and hisses a lot…but that is the extent of her aggression, so I figure we can all live with that. When she hisses, Mr. Mouser doesn't even look at her which cracks me up! He has hissed at the dog a couple times, but only when she was getting way too pushy with him (to the point that as a human I would tell her to go lay down) so that is a good sign too that he will stick up for himself if needed.

I think he is going to fit right in.

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2 thoughts on “The “Official” Mr. Mouser

  1. Welcome Mr. Mouser!!! I hope that he enjoys his new home. It's great that you took him in. Hopefully the rest of the family will be as welcoming over time.I haven't had cats since I was in high school and don't really know that much about them. But Nancy, the VPC person that does all things cats, says that cat pee from unfixed cats really stinks. She can tell when a cat has gone! She said that after they're fixed the smell gets better but it obviously take some time for the hormones (or lack of them actually) to kick in.

  2. He says "thanks"!
    Yeah…particularly unfixed male cat pee. That whole territory marking thing they do. All of my past male cats were already fixed when I got them, so this is my first up-close-and-personal experience with it. I hope it is my last! 🙂

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