Critters: The new water fountain…

Today on a crazy lunch hour (using the term loosely here) shopping extravaganza Neil and I swung by the pet store for some needed items. While we were there I also decided to pick up the Drinkwell Big-Dog Fountain. It has a total capacity of just over 2 gallons of water. I figure that ought to be enough to tide the critters over for a day or two! With the onset of summer and the addition of another critter in the house, I have been filling two large water bowls two to three times a day. And with the onset of more overnight travel coming up and our weekend getaway tomorrow, it just seemed like a good idea.

The cats aren't sure what to make of it yet. All three kitties have circled it and stuck their noses in it, but no one has yet to actually drink out of it. I am sure they will figure it out sooner or later. Sadie got all excited and keeps herding me over to show me the new "thing" in the kitchen. She too has yet to realize it is for her and it is to drink out of.

Mr. Mouser is fitting right in with the other cats…as seen above. All three of them lounging around the food dish. He and I also had a little photo shoot yesterday – some of the results are below. The rest can be seen on my Flickr page.


He is just a doll…he loves attention and snuggling, but isn't quite sure what he thinks about being held yet. He is still figuring out kitty toys (I think he can't figure out why they don't move on their own!) and he is still adjusting to eating kitty food We have been having some runny accidents – usually they are immediately following him making a poop in the litter box. Luckily most of the accidents are happening right outside the box which is kept in the hall bathroom bathtub (an idea I stole from my sister, originally it was to help contain the litter that got tracked all over when the cats jumped out of the box). One of his new favorite places to hang out with me is on my work desk (which is where he is as I type this)…

OK time to go change out the laundry and get this place vacuumed – I need to make things nice for the other item that was obtained on our shopping extravaganza. Photos of that to follow. Happy Thursday everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Critters: The new water fountain…

  1. We used to have something similar to what you have. Princess Haven doesn't like water that's more than a couple hours old so she would stop drinking if she thought it got too old. Have fun this weekend!!

  2. *laugh* I love the quirks of our animals. So far it is hard to tell if mine have figured out that they are supposed to actually drink out of it yet, or not.
    Though, I admit, my focus has been working on finding a good litter box solution for the new guy. Unfortunately, I think part of the "missing the box" issues we are having are because he doesn't like the hood on the box. So, we have taken the lid off and will see how things go this way. The downside is that he doesn't bury his stuff so the lid really helped with some of the stink – this cat has the stinkiest poops of any cat I have ever owned! Even with the lid I was usually in there cleaning out the box right after he had used it…who knows how this will work without the lid.

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