Imitation is the best form of flattery?

It is amazing to me how much Mr. Mouser is picking up from my other two kitties. Just little things…sometimes naughty things. Ha! This evening I caught him playing with some broken down cardboard boxes. Bonnie and Clyde LOVE to chew on cardboard – tonight he was pushing a small one around and nibbling on the corner.

He has also caught on to playing with the string (that is a Bonnie favorite) and he just generally follows Clyde around the house. He is even starting to like being held and is “asking” for it (climbing into my lap and then up so his head on my neck or shoulder). That last one is his alone…the other two kitty kids will snuggle in my lap sometimes, but dislike the holding thing.

He seems completely at home and OK with being an indoor kitty. In fact he makes no moves at all like he wants to go outside, whereas Bonnie tries every chance she gets. I am glad for that because I am a very strong believer in keeping kitties indoors for safety.

Saturday he goes in for hi second round of FIV shots (or is it leukemia…I forget) and Sadie goes in for her 3 yr rabies shot. Luckily Neil will be around to help out. Sadie gets freaked at the vet and pulls like you wouldn’t believe to get outside and away from the scary people in white coats. I am not really sure why she hates it so much…maybe because she hates the groggy sensation after she has been under anesthesia (teeth cleaning each year and a knee surgery). Fun times!


I mowed the lawn this morning and got the broken hose changed out…two hoses in a row on the same faucet have blown holes in them. Hopefully the third time is a charm and this hose will last! I still am not acclimated to the heat here. I about died mowing the lawn today and that was at 8:30am. It takes about and hour and a half to get the whole thing done. But, now it is and I got some edging around the house done and withered plants watered. I really need to do some weeding in the flower beds…maybe this weekend I will get to that. Right now I am off to drink yet another glass of water (I got seriously hot and dehydrated earlier) and then off to bed for me.

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