HOA Amusement & Anger…

I am seriously amused…I have been putting off mowing my lawn for…let’s just say “awhile” now because it is fucking HOT out. Someone (my pissy neighbors across the street) turned me in to the HOA. I just got the letter in the mail. I am highly amused by this because really, in the long run, my yard is going to end up being MUCH nicer than theirs and then won’t they feel silly. Sure, in the meantime mine isn’t all that grand…and you can be sure that if I catch them doing ANYTHING against our CCRs I will be sending emails and or written letters to our new management company. They have made life hell for several folks on our street now and while I understand and am glad for CCRs and HOAs some people get a bit overboard with it all. Hell, I am half tempted to tell them if they don’t like my yard they are more than welcome to come tend to it since they seem to have all the free time in the world over there (the guy is on disability and doesn’t work).

At any rate, I am actually as much steamed over the whole thing as I am amused. mostly because the lawn was mowed before the date on this letter. So, while I know it was indeed out of hand…I can equally fight back and say that there is nothing wrong with my yard based on the date of this letter and that if they are going to send such letters they better at least date them on the day they do the “inspection” (aka drive-by) of the property.


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3 thoughts on “HOA Amusement & Anger…

  1. Sheesh! Some people really have too much time on their hands. They should be doing something more productive like minding their own business. At least you know that it's not just you since these people have caused problems for others in the neighborhood. It's too bad you have to deal with them having a watchful eye though. I wonder if part of the reason HOA didn't promptly send out a letter after they did the drive-by was because they knew these neighbors aren't to be taken too seriously. How did you find out that these people were the ones to complain?

  2. OK..to be fair, I don't know for sure that it was those neighbors, however, I do know that the neighbors on the one side of me would NEVER talk to the HOA (due to their own issues with them) and the folks on the other side of me would simply come over and say something or even offer to mow it for me (they are home even less than I am lately), so really there are about three homeowners that it could have been, but knowing these people, I would bet money on it.
    And you could also be right about the delay in the letter…unfortunately, I absolutely knew this letter would be coming sooner or later with the way my lawn was looking so I can't really say much about it other than it is too bad that this is a perfect example of our society these days – instead of actually being neighbors and talking to one another we all go out of our way to get a third party involved in something that generally doesn't need it. I would bet that most of the time just a friendly knock on the door to see if everything was OK would be motivating enough for almost anyone to fix whatever the issue was. All my neighbors know I travel for a living and that I live alone…I would have been both mortified and grateful if any one of them had popped over to make sure that the reason the outside was going to pot wasn't because something had happened – injury, illness, you name it. Mortified because I KNOW how bad it looked and grateful that anyone actually cared enough to ask. Instead I get a letter…and now in 30 days the HOA will be doing another 'drive-by' to ensure that the problem has been remedied. (I am hoping by then to have found a lawn maintenance crew to take care of the mowing and edging for me.)

  3. Deductive logic works too. 😀 You're right, it's too bad that people aren't more neighborly these days. We don't know any of our neighbors, although it's hard to see them since even when working in our yards we're not near any houses. But the guy across the street did use a chainsaw to chop up a branch in our front yard before we had time to take care of it ourselves (which would have been more work because we don't have a chainsaw). I'm more of a keep to myself type neighbor but if I noticed something off or wrong I'd probably investigate. Our neighbors haven't mowed their lawn in weeks. Granted it's not growing fast because we haven't had rain but I'm not going to complain. There aren't wild animals hanging out more often because of the longer grass. It's not hurting me. Although my parents have a neighbor that doesn't take care of his yard. He'll also leave trash in his backyard which attracts animals. My parents have talked to him and called the city on him. Sometimes he's on top of things but he'll often be really lax. I think there are far worse things to complain about than you not having your grass cut. You're not keeping junk cars in the backyard, leaving trash all over, or other things.

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