In the infamous words of the Wicked Witch of the West…

“I’m melting! I’m melting!”

For the record…it’s been hot here. Triple digit temps for many days in a row now. My A/C has been running non-stop just to try to keep the house around 80 degrees…can’t wait to see the electric bill for this month. *sigh* I am living in a cave…the blinds are all closed up tight, the lights are kept off (or at least to a bare minimum so I can still function. The problem I think is twofold – the house in insulated only to meet the bare minimum building code requirements (as far as I can tell) and the majority of the windows in the house get hit with direct sunlight all day long. Even the dual paned, energy efficient windows that are installed can’t hold out that much heat. One of the very few drawbacks of having such an otherwise great open floor-plan – once the air in a room gets hot it is hard to cool due to sheer volume. Laundry also is not getting done because I don’t want to run the dryer (I need to wash bedding – there isn’t anywhere to hang it to dry.) Don’t even talk to me about yard work!

Wedding stuffs: It is getting close now! Just a couple more weeks. My dress has been altered and fits – I still look like a fat cow in it, but the dress itself is very pretty. My dress for the rehearsal dinner is getting altered as well and will be ready Monday. (After wearing it for a nice dinner out with Neil, I discovered that when I sit in it it moves so that you can see right down it!)  Now I just have to write a little toast for the reception…and then practice, practice, practice so I hopefully won’t start bawling when I give it. Yes, I am a crier and weddings. I can’t help it. And this is my SISTER’s wedding. There will undoubtedly be tears.

Have I mentioned that it has been HOT here?

This weekend Neil is taking me to see the Lion King. I am very much looking forward to it. I am also hoping to get out tomorrow to get the media tower/shelves from Target that I want. Apparently everyone else wants them too…most of the Target stores around here are out of stock. I can’t blame them, they are a great price and look fabulous. Once I get the living room put back together I will take photos.

Alright, I suppose I ought to finish up my lunch so I can get back to work…TGIF!

(Sooooo hot in here. Thank goodness I am not outside!)

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