I think everyone is done with this heat!

The animals have been acting up the past couple days. The cats are tired of not being able to see outside because I have the blinds all closed tight trying to help keep it cool in here and the dog doesn’t want to be outside because it is too darn hot…even after dark.

The culmination of all of this heat-angst? Mr. M decided to pee on the carpet behind my bedroom door last night and then poop on the bathroom floor (thank goodness he did that part on the linoleum…it was messy. And I woke up this morning to Sadie poop all over the kitchen floor. Again, thank goodness for linoleum, though hers was significantly less messy, but way more smelly.

The result? A very annoyed critter mommy. Yet, I can’t be too upset with them…I too am done with this heat and am feeling cranky and ornery.


OK on to the good stuff…yesterday we went to see “The Lion King” at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte. It was stunning…from the wonderful voices to the phenomenal costumes and masks…really, words cannot describe it. I will definitely see it again if I am ever given the chance and ultimately, this is one that I would pay a LOT for to see on Broadway. (Not that I have ever been to NY, but when I go, I do want to catch at least one great show while I am there.) “Wicked” is coming to town this fall, I am hoping we will get to go see that one as well.


Today is filled with a ton of errands. Neil is calling two lawn companies today to get bids and hopefully to get them out here to mow the lawn. I have to go pick up my other dress from the alterations place, get groceries and sundries (including more dog food), I want to go to Target to get the two shelves for the living room, I need to vacuum, the dog needs bathing, and work. I have a ton of administrative paperwork to get done today. Tomorrow is a day trip to Atlanta…I am hoping to find the IKEA down there on my way home – though, likely I will just be tired and want to come straight back. We’ll see how it all goes.

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