QotD: Pet Project

Do you have a pet? What kind of pet do you own, and why did you choose it? 
Submitted by Brendz.  

We (well I) have several. To start with the cats –

Neil has two of his own, the infamous Bit, a dashing orange Manx, and his younger brother Boo (aka Boomer) who is a handsome white and dark brown tabby spotted DSH fella. I don't know why he chose cats…I would assume because he is an animal lover.

I have three cats…Bonnie and Clyde who are siblings. Adopted from one of the doctors at my vet office – she rescues kitties and usually keeps the special needs ones that most people don't have the time to care for or the money to do so. These two were very healthy cuties that needed a different home – and for the record, it is Neil's fault we have them. I was going to look around for a Cornish Rex and one day while we were out running errands we were near the vet's office so he thought we should stop in because sometimes they have kittens up front for adoption. There they were. Cute as can be. Yes, I am a sucker…and I was lonely. I had always had cats and when I was younger, back in Seattle, actually found homes for my two cats at my doctor's urging because of my allergies. I am still angry at myself for caving to those instructions. Luckily, I know they are both in good homes or I would really be angry with myself. In the end, what I found is that not having cats around never really reduced my allergy symptoms…so after the move, I was lonely and wanted furry, snuggly company. And Sadie was lonely too and acting up (read: chewing up my new wood blinds!) - we both thought the diversion of kittens might help, which it did and now we are all much happier.


The newest kitty addition is the Mouse (aka Mr. Mouser). He was a gorgeous grey stray that was malnourished and in need of love. So of course I took him in. I couldn't just ignore an animal in need.

Lastly, I have Sadie. She is my seven year old black lab/Dalmatian/mutt mix. A sweetheart through and through. A gift to me at probably the worst time possible for me to take on having a puppy, but we both survived and now here we are today. Each a bit neurotic and quirky.

Soon, there may be yet another addition to the household…nothing has been decided in stone yet, but a strong possibility that Sadie will get a little puppy brother or sister. Black lab/yellow lab  mix…they are still only a few weeks old so there is still time before anything will actually happen. And of course, you all will be the first to know if and when it does happen!  

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2 thoughts on “QotD: Pet Project

  1. Thank you! I am hoping to hear back yay or nay on getting a pick in this litter of pups sometime this weekend. My fingers are crossed tight!
    And welcome to my neighborhood…mostly just daily drivel posted here about work, the critters, and life in general. 🙂

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