QotD: Kitchen Essentials

What are the 10 foods you must have in your refrigerator and/or your kitchen cabinet? 
Submitted by Carol.  

  1. Garlic – it goes in almost everything
  2. Olive Oil (and other oils) - used in or to cook almost everything, I also keep sesame oil and canola oil.
  3. Pasta – dried pasta (there is no better base for a fast meal)
  4. Cheese – pretty much any and all cheeses (I just recently found some organic cheeses – cheddar and motzerella –  made with raw milk that are to die for! I also love feta for a standard staple in my fridge and there is usually a brick of parmesean as well.)
  5. Vinegar – balsamic, cider, tarragon, soy, rice, red wine, and white
  6. Chicken – I always have a bag of chicken tenderlions in the freezer. They are quick to thaw and an easy protein addition to almost any meal.
  7. Canned Tuna (and/or Salmon) – again with the quick and easy protein. Also, I am finding that the canned salmon is the cheapest way for me to get good Alaskan salmon out here. Almost all of the salmon available on the east coast is Altantic salmon which is – well, Atlantic salmon is not natrally pink…if you get some that is it has been fed icky stuff to make it that way.
  8. Vegetables – Primarily fresh, in-season ones:  leafy veggies – lettuce, spinnach, cilantro, peppers & tomatoes (I grew my own this year!), cucumbers, carrots. Also, jarred veggies (artichokes, sundried tomatoes, roasted peppters), and sometimes frozen corn or peas.
  9. Juice – Grapefruit and orange are the usual staples.
  10. Beer – if I can find a decent amber beer it is usually in the fridge. Otherwise Sierra Nevada pale ale is my standby out here.

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