I am Super Klutz!

I broke my toe today. It is all black and purple and nasty and swollen and SORE. And being a toe, there isn’t a darn thing anyone can do about it, so I have been lounging all day with my foot up as high as I can get it and I have been trying to keep ice on it.

How? Oh, I smashed it on a wrought iron candle holder. Nothing exciting. I was moving some furniture around and trying to get things put away in the living room…that is now temporarily on hold.

Nothing much new to report…the puppy man was not in the office on Friday, though I have been glued to the puppy cam. I cannot believe how fast they are growing – and how quickly they are becoming more and more active. Thus far there don’t really seem to be any loners or outsiders which is pretty incredible in a litter of nine. The boys are more mellow than the girls, but they all roughhouse and play equally well from what I see and thus far, the girls are not bullies or too spastic (all puppies have a little spazz in them!). They all seem to be getting plenty of food from mom too, which is good. The other evening they had gotten themselves all lined up sleeping…yellow, black, yellow, black…SO cute. The litter is from a black lab mommy and a yellow lab daddy…the babies are either black or yellow – though the yellow ones look like they may be somewhat darker than a typical yellow lab. (We have already given the owner heck for not having his dog spayed…now to track down the neighbor who’s male dog is obviously not neutered.)

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