Yard: The great lawn escapade is near its end!

I had previously posted about the nasty-gram I got from my HOA regarding my out of control lawn (if you can really call it that…it was more like the out of control weeds that when cut, look like a lawn…sort of…they are short and green and in the area that is meant to be my lawn) which resulted in the great lawn-care provider hunt.

Well, dear readers, the hunt has ended. A very nice, and reasonably priced, gentleman came by last week to take a look at things and said he’d be back Tuesday to check things again and “knock ’em down” if needed. As promised, he was here this morning zipping around the yard on his riding mower – “knockin’ ’em down”. He then hit all the areas that I had asked him to with the weed eater/edger and blew the excess off the drive…then like that, poof, he was gone.

The yard looks fabulous! Well, as fabulous as a dead, brown, dust-bowl can look. At least it looks well groomed. Now, if it would ever cool off a bit, I would actually feed and water the lawn (which, for the record, I do not mind doing).

Live and learn…I knew I wasn’t much of a regular maintenance sort of person when it came to yard work…but I love to water the plants and do the landscaping part of it all…planting, even weeding I don’t mind. But the mowing – especially in this heat? No way, Jose!

I am pleased. I am sure all my neighbors are (and will be) pleased. And now I can move on to working on/worrying about other projects around here…just as soon as this wedding thing is over and done with and I have some money to my name again!

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