Critters: Territory Wars

Wow. I just used most of a gallon of enzyme odor remover stuff around the perimeter of my living room, guest room, and hallway. Someone has been marking…or else has a UTI, but I don't think that is it as the spots that I could find (via crawling around on my hands and knees with my nose glued to the floor) seem to be very evenly spaced around each of the rooms. Let me tell ya…there is nothing like taking a nose full of cat urine smell too. The thing is…I think it is just marking and not a litter box thing, because though the house was starting to smell weird (particularly the guest room) it didn't smell like the typical ammonia-y cat pee smell. Anyway, we'll see how this stuff works for getting rid of the odor. After the wedding trip, when I get back, I am going to look into getting the carpets professionally cleaned – asking them to focus in particular on the perimeters of the rooms. Which sucks, because that means we will need to move all of the new TV furniture – it is heavy stuff.

*sigh* Mr. M may seem very at home in his new indoor habitat, but he is going to quickly become an outdoor kitty again if this continues. I'll get a nice little doghouse thing for him to sleep in outside and make a covered area for food and water, but I cannot have this in my home.

Oh yeah…and someone (possibly Sadie) decided to mark her bed/use it as a litter box, so it is now out in the trash.

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