Puppy Update

Neil and I got to meet the puppies last night! I got some more info on them and we also got to meet the mom, Daisy. They are so stinkin' cute! A little over three weeks old – they each have their own personalities developing already. I am a little sad that all the yellow ones are spoken for already since I would have loved to have had one of the males (all the black ones are females), but they are all such dears that it really doesn't matter much. Then again, this morning on the "puppy cam" I witnessed the yellow one that I had had my eye on chewing on the power supply for the camera that is set up in their room. Maybe I am glad I am not getting that one after all!

Daisy is a two year old black lab…and an absolute sweetheart. She was loving the attention she got with everyone there last night (it was a "meet the puppies" party that the owner was having with some of his friends…not everyone there was actually adopting a pup). I am going to have to go back and read up, I forget if black labs are prone to having the little white blaze on their chests or not. Daisy has one and essentially looks like a larger version of Sadie! She was so good about having the people there playing with her pups…not at all concerned, but when one of the boys bit one of the girls too hard and made her yelp, she came running to break it up. She then proceeded to do a butt count (I call it that because she was running around doing that doggy thing) to check to make sure everyone was accounted for. She started with the ones in the box the owner was using to keep them corralled while we were there, and then she made the rounds with all the people to find the ones being held. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Once she had gotten to them all she went back to playing with the stuffed squeaky bone that someone had brought for her.

I have put my name in for the Daisy/Sadie lookalike pup…a little black girl with a tiny white spot on her chin and a little white blaze on her chest. According to the owner, she is also not the barker which is good. One of the all black pups has established herself as the official guard dog and is a noisy one at that.

Sadie was hilarious last night when we got home, she spent a good five to ten minutes sniffing at both of us taking in all the puppy smells that were on us. I am so excited! Once this wedding trip is over and I get my finances back under control, it is time to get the fence built. I have hopes for the new pup…I would love it if it liked to swim! Heck, maybe Sadie will learn to like it too! And it will have such wonderful advantages that Sadie never had as a puppy, like a yard (soon to be a fenced yard!). Hopefully, she won't be as prissy as Sadie is about being out in the rain and mud and such. *laugh*

More puppy updates to follow… 

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