Critter Annoyances

I am super annoyed with my vet office right now. Twice this past month I have had Sadie in for shots…both times I have requested she get her rabies shot (that was actually due back in July). The first time it just simply didn't happen. It didn't dawn on me until I got home that I never got a tag or certificate for her. So, I took her back Saturday when I took Bonnie and Clyde in for their annual round. It was then they told me her rabies was good until 2009.


That would mean that she had her last rabies shot in 2006, which I knew hadn't happened. So, this evening I dug through her records and sure enough, the only certificate I have for her is from back in 2004. A three year shot means it is due in 2007.

This all means that I get to spend yet another Saturday morning sitting in their office to try to get her up to date on what is the only vaccine required by law out here. Gah!

In the meantime, I hope nothing happens that they need any sort of proof of vaccination. *sigh* I am sure no one will care when I tell them that the vet told me she was good to go until 2009.

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