Critters: Mr. Mouser Makes a Move

Well, I am sad to say that effective immediately the lovely Mr. M has been moved outdoors.

I was working to get some of the smaller "marked" areas cleaned today and found him marking new ones. I cannot have him peeing all over my house. *sigh* I am really sad about this because he is a people cat. He loves to be snuggled and pet and talked to. He likes hanging out around the people…and now he can't.

Tomorrow I will go out and get a small dog house so he has a sheltered place to sleep and I am going to see if I can find (or make) some sort of sheltered food dishes too…maybe if I can find the right kind of house they will fit inside the entrance area.

Mostly, I just hope he sticks around and doesn't run away or get hurt or killed.

Next week Chem-Dry is coming to clean the carpets. I have done what I can for them, but they need a real cleaning.

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