What a week! Busy scrambling around to get a ton of stuff taken care of before I leave town next week. (Four nights and five days in the Boston area…I am taking the camera, but if it is like all my other photos it may still be awhile before anything gets uploaded).

I got my routine car maintenance taken care of, got Mr. Mouser mostly settled outside (his new cat house arrives tomorrow and will need assembling), had a bit of a miscommunication scare regarding the pick-up date of Marly and as a result got two new crates and a baby door gate ordered to be delivered tomorrow (see below for the full scoop), ordered a LOT of fish and beef (again, more details to follow), scheduled carpet cleaning to take place tomorrow morning with Chem-Dry, bought a 15 cu ft chest freezer which was delivered and ‘installed’ (unpacked and plugged in for me) this morning, and I bought yet more new food to try out on Sadie (I think I will just forever have to rotate her food – so far so snarffy with this stuff). This of course is all in addition to my regular work/job/bay the bills weekly duties and tasks. The lawn guy came today too.

Tomorrow I have to finally get the fence proposal drawing done and sent to the HOA and call the fence company for a quote. Saturday Sadie will finally get her overdue rabies shot now that things are cleared up with the vet’s office. And next week I will be placing a raw milk, cream, and butter order.

The scoop on the scare:

Neil IM’s me today saying that the puppy pick-up is this weekend instead of next. What?!?! How are we going to do that? I am out of town Sunday night through Thursday night. I can’t have a brand new puppy here for only a day and then off in another house for a week. Ack! Thank goodness MY puppy pick-up is not this weekend. The owner had forgotten that we had already agreed that I would be coming on the 21st to get the pup…so all is right again with the puppy universe and now Marly has a brand new crate coming here and one headed for Neil’s house.

The freezer purchase and sudden food buying spree:

Yes, maybe I have gone a little off the deep end, but after a lot of digging around online I am going to try out the flash frozen (frozen at sea) fish from Vital Choice. I’m trying out the sockeye, king, silver and pink salmon. Also, the albacore tuna medallions, the halibut, and their organic frozen berries. I even bought a can of salmon caviar for Neil. Chances are, if the fresh fish is as good as everyone says, then I will also be buying canned for trips and quick lunches.

In addition to the fish, I ordered a couple introductory sampler packs from some local farms that raise grass-fed beef. Depending on what meat we like the best we will probably then order a quarter or a half side of beef. Two farms automatically took themselves out of the running because they reserve the steaks from their sides to sell individually. Dammit, if I am paying for a side of beef I want my steaks as a part of it!

Next will be a visit to the local farmers markets in the area looking for pastured chicken, pork, and eggs – along with scrumptious fresh veggies of course.

The raw milk thing is something I am going to give a go at and see what happens. For anyone wondering, raw milk is unpasteurized (straight from the cow to the fridge) and unhomogenized. Reports are it will cure what’s ailing ya and is even palatable by those who are otherwise lactose intolerant (lots of scientific stuff around this that I won’t get into). Mostly, my philosophy (that I am finally in the position to really start pursuing) is the fresher the food and the least amount of processing possible, the better. Heck, I even bought organic beer today (and it is surprisingly REALLY good).

It’s only Wednesday…and part of me says “OMG! It is already Wednesday!” I am excited for my various packages to start arriving tomorrow and Friday…I am also really excited to have the carpets in the main part of the house cleaned and to have the cat pee smell gone. Even Neil smelled it this evening as we were moving furniture so the carpet cleaner guy could get along the wall behind the TV and shelves. He has a horrible sense of smell and rarely smells anything! What is really sad is that I barely notice it now unless I have been out of the house for a decent length of time and then come back inside…then it hits me like a brick wall.

Alright, enough rambling time for me to hit the hay so I can tackle tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Whew! You've got a lot to do and a lot going on. I hope that next week while you're traveling goes fast so that you can get home and pick up that new pup. 😀
    I'll be interested in seeing what you think of the raw milk. My SIL's family has a farm and they have milk (and beef) cows.

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