Marly (aka Lili Marlene)

Last night I caught an earlier flight home from my work trip, so we decided to go pick her up then instead of waiting for today. In retrospect, this may have been a mistake – I really could use a full night's sleep, but cest la vie…too late now!

She is an absolute sweetheart! Sadie is getting along with her well, but doesn't really know what to make of her just yet either. And the cats…well, there will be some adjusting there.

Potty training is going to be some serious work…right now she is still such a small pup that she will just pee right there in the middle of whatever she is doing. Whether it is having one of her separation freak-outs in the kennel or playing with us on the floor. The poop is easier because she really seeks out a spot for that. So, for now, I am taking her out almost every half an hour until I can figure out her schedule and until things calm down into something more normal around here. The other part of the potty issue is that she drinks a lot of water – which is good, except it makes pee.

And then there is the separation anxiety attacks. Last night was her first night away from her mommy, outside of her old home, and being introduced to new people and animals. Maybe it is like when you have kids and you don't remember the labor pain…I don't remember Sadie freaking out quite like this! Last night actually went better than expected…around 3 there was some whining so we went outside to potty and then play a bit. She fussed a little when I put her back in her bed kennel but then went to sleep. Today, however, at first I thought it went fine…I put her in her kennel where she was whining a bit when I left to take Neil to work and was laying down and calm when I came home. But, then later this morning when I put her in there so I could have some good Sadie time outside we could hear her barking up a storm. I waited a while before coming back to let her out…and I do know it is going to take time, but it is definitely going to be difficult. This afternoon I am taking a different approach with the kennel – she has self-desiganted her safe space as under one of my living room end tables, so whenever I see her getting ready to crash out there, I am putting her in her kennel until she settles in there (with the door open). Just now I sneaked up and closed the door but didn't latch it. She woke and fussed the tiniest bit and then went back to sleep. Hopefully, soon she will recognize this as her "safe place" and that will help when I have to put her there when I leave the house. Unfortunately, there will be unhappy times when I have to leave the house too – I am just hoping to ease the transition this way. And we'll see how tonight goes, though it seems to help that I am in the room with her at night. (If anyone thinks that easing it in this manner is totally an issue, speak up! I need ideas and suggestions!)

 Aside from the basics, so far so good! She is a chewer, but very receptive to her toys as we correct her. I am going to get some bitter apple spray to help with some of the spots that seem to be becoming her favorites. In particular, the legs of the office chairs in here.

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2 thoughts on “Marly (aka Lili Marlene)

  1. Aw, cute puppy face. Continued luck with the crate training. Even now we have one crate set up for foster dogs. The door is always open when there's not a dog in there. Sometimes foster dogs will go in and hang out. Even Beacon and Haven will still go in there and sleep from time to time. In no time Marly will come to love her crate and see it as her safe spot. Whenever we have a puppy foster dog (last of the litter that needs a foster home) I usually end up sleeping in the family room with the dog. Most of the time this helps the puppy realized that he or she isn't alone. So having the crate in your room so Marly can see and hear you is a good thing. But she should also get used to being in the crate with the door open, when she can't see you, when you're out, etc. so that she's comfortable in there basically anytime that it's needed. It'll take some adjusting for her and you but you'll get there. šŸ˜€

  2. Thanks! So far she seems to be settling down – especially with the help of placing her in the crate as soon as she starts settling in for a nap. Then when she wakes I leave her there for a bit and it doesn't seem to phase her as much.
    Also, my sister just reminded me of how Sadie used to "scream" (she has this howl/bark/yip/whine thing she does that seriously sounds like screaming) when she was young – I guess Marly really is doing well now that I remember that. And Sadie did that in my apartment with paper thin walls…at least here it is a house and it won't bother the neighbors if the puppy acts up a bit. šŸ™‚
    Thanks for the advice and encouragement…it is a huge help!

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