Progress! (A Marly First)

WOOHOO! This evening Marly went into her kennel all by herself. No coaxing. No putting her there. She just went in and plopped down in a couple places before finding the perfect napping spot.

I am so excited! I know this won't be the end of the anxiety woes, but it does mean that she is starting to figure out that it is "her place". Only a few accidents today…it was so hot and my house sucks for being energy efficient (read: my AC does not much when it gets into the 90's) so I am not sure if it was sweat or if she wet herself sleeping. She was soaked when she woke up – and I know she didn't get up and pee because I was watching a movie and keeping an eye on her the entire time. I will have to ask the vet about that one next week when she goes in for her first shots.


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