Critters: A Sadie First!

In other critter news…Sadie went running to check on Marly today as she threw a rather boisterous fit from her kennel. This is the first time Sadie has shown any real interest in the puppy, let alone any nurturing or caring tendency toward her. Mostly it has just been a lot of growling and teeth baring while trying to protect her food dish, sleeping space, treats and toys. The best part of all that, though, is that Marly figured out very quickly that Sadie was all growl and no bite. Unless Sadie actually barks (which has only happened twice thus far), Marly usually will steal whatever toy or treat of Sadie's that she is after, or she will just barge her head into Sadie's dish. When Sadie does actually bark then Marly promptly sits in the place she was standing and stares at Sadie with her head cocked trying to figure out the situation.

It is all very cute.


Potty training is coming along, slowly but surely. Crate training is going very, very well. Only the one real fit today, though now I am learning I have to be careful at night to try to distinguish Marly's 'need to potty' whine vs her 'dreaming of chasing things' whine. She talks a lot in her sleep. She also gets the hiccups. Does anyone know if this is a normal puppy thing? It cracks me up, but I don't want it ignore it if it can be an issue.


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