Critters: The Crazy Critter Lady

Yes, I think it is becoming true…I am turning into the crazy critter lady.

This adorable, tiny guy showed up on our back patio a couple mornings ago. Neil and I joked about Mr. M bringing his friends over to the good life. It was funny until I went outside and found the two of them lounging around together. Heh! This new guy was way too well fed and healthy looking to be a stray – and I confirmed that this evening. He apparently belongs to the people a couple doors down who are moving or have moved. He got out in the mess of hauling stuff out of the house. So, now I will see if they are still there and if not, I will try to find out if they are still local enough to get the kitty or what the deal is. I feel terrible…I even saw the kids out looking for him and calling to him the other evening, but at that time he wasn't around. For lack of knowing his name and his tiny size, I have been calling him Little One. He is a lover (like Mr. Mouser) and is getting used to the puppy coming outside as well as Sadie. He and Marly are adorable together – it is too bad I can't handle my camera and the puppy at the same time! Maybe when Neil gets back into town I can get a shot of the two of them being cute.

BanditBandit & Mr. MouserBandit Playing

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