Critters: The Big Car-ride Adventure (follow-up)

All is well! No car sickness, though some nervousness about being in the big, scary, moving, thing! Marly was a little nervous about being at the vet too – so many new smells and lots of people and other dogs, but she handled it all really well. Sadie was more spazzed out than Marly!

The vet says that she always does puppy/kitten exams with the approach that there must be something wrong. She was very thorough and she says that Marly is healthy as can be with just a little dry skin which was mostly likely due to nerves, but just in case warned against bathing her unless absolutely necessary. I think it could be my fault too, I did have to give Marly a bath the other day because of a crate accident (she was really wet and smelly). Marly was so squirmy and hard to hang on to while I was bathing her, as much as I tried, I am not positive I got all the shampoo out. Next bath time I will make sure Neil is here to help…she is just in such play mode right now, even at the vet she didn't want to sit still for more than a second. She wanted to be off exploring.  

Se weighed in at 15.1 lbs. Sadie is a whoppin' 53.somethingorother lbs. I think Marly is going to catch up to Sadie in no time…she is looking like she will be a big girl – large feet and really stocky, strong legs.

OK time for me to go find some lunch and appreciate the bit of quiet I will get from the pups being sleepy from their shots.


Also, for the record – I know that Marly is not spelled in the traditional way with an 'e' (Marley)…but it is a nickname for Lili Marlene and we decided that Marly looked like a more feminine way to spell it. With that said, it is annoying that the Vox spell checker marks it wrong every time! 

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2 thoughts on “Critters: The Big Car-ride Adventure (follow-up)

  1. Yes I am. Though, it feels like there are as many similarities in their personalities as there are differences. Ultimately, though, I think Marly will be the more dominant of the two when she is older – she is much more confident than Sadie ever was, and yet she is quite well behaved considering her age. And I am SO thankful that it doesn't seem like we are going to have a problem with the barfs in the car. That was a real hassle and part of the reason Sadie didn't get to go many places with me. I am already looking forward to when Marly is a little bigger so she and Sadie can play more together.

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