Critters: The Big Car-ride Adventure

Today is Marly's first trip to the vet. It ought to be interesting – Sadie is going too for her rabies shot (finally!), so hopefully she can help keep Marly calm. My biggest concern is the whole puppy carsickness thing. Sadie used to get so sick as a puppy that she would start salivating and drooling all over the place before we ever even got IN the car. A sort of Pavlovian reaction from getting sick on previous rides. And then inevitably she would barf all over the place (even if she hadn't eaten anything). I have my fingers crossed that Marly will not get so sick (or maybe not sick at all). We'll see. At least now I have the Xterra, the back of which will be much easier to clean than the back seat of my old tiny Honda Civic.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to sew any clips onto one of the blankets so I can secure it to the tie-downs in the back, so for today I will just have to drive very slowly/carefully so they don't slide around too much in the back. Sadie is big enough now that she can brace herself around corners and such and her weight holds the blanket pretty much in place, but Marly, she's still just a wee thing!

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3 thoughts on “Critters: The Big Car-ride Adventure

  1. Good luck with the vet today. When Beacon and Haven were puppies we purposely drove them around in the car (even just to drive around and not actually go anywhere) so they'd get used to being in the car. I'm not sure if that did anything or if they weren't going to get sick anyway. But they've never had a problem with carsickness. Hopefully Marly won't follow in Sadie's footsteps with this one.

  2. Thanks! Yes, Sadie and I did a lot of that (riding around). Poor thing used to get so sick that for awhile when she was young she was afraid of car rides. So there were also lots of trips through the local drive-throughs for special "car treats" for her so she would get used to the idea that the car means going good places.
    Now she LOVES "going for a ride", though, she still knows exactly when we are getting close to the vet and gets a bit worried – she HATES the vet. *laugh* Luckily, in overall personality, Marly seems to be much more easy going and laid back about life in general. Hopefully, that will spill over into how she handles the car and the vet.

  3. Some dogs are just prone to getting car sick. My parents had a dog when I was really young (I only "remember" the dog through seeing photos) that got sick in the car all of the time. They had to give her medication before they went on any trips.

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