Critters: What? You think I have anything else to talk about these days?

Wow! Puppy energy is in full swing now. So much so, that I am uncertain as to how to wear her out. I thought her shots were supposed to make her sleepy yesterday – no such luck. Apparently we are going to need to start going for MUCH longer walks in the evening…immediately.

The real issue is that with working most of the day she doesn't get much interaction and play time from me (other than trying to keep an eye on her to stop the play peeing that is still happening far too often). Then late afternoon/evening she wants to sleep which means she refreshed and geared up to play again at 2am. Only just 15 minutes or so of play doesn't do it for her, in fact, it just gears her up more. This means more barking and whining when I try to put her back in her crate so I can go back to bed.

Calgon, take me away! (OK yeah, so I just dated myself there. And who was it, Tide? that had their "Ancient Chinese Secret" ads…anyway, I digress.)

Oh…best puppy chew-toy ever – Nylabone makes a ring of keys. You know, like the ones they make for babies, only in puppy size. She LOVES them and they are saving everything from my flip-flops (which she has taken a real liking to. Particularly the leather straps on the top.) to my dining room chairs. She also discovered the toy box today so it is looking like Sadie won't have much left that is just hers anymore.

The sweetest part though, is when Marly brings her chew-toys or sometimes just herself and lays down a foot or so away from wherever Sadie is. She follows Sadie around wherever she goes. Sadie isn't always so amused by it (at least when anyone is looking) but the other day I did catch her checking up on Marly again and even trying to play with her once.

Puppy feeding is going well…I have been weaning Marly off of Iams' Large Breed puppy food and moving her over to Solid Gold's Wolf Cub (their version of large breed puppy food).

The cats are all surviving well…Bonnie and Clyde a still a bit out of sorts, but are getting braver with the puppy. I think they are learning that though she is a little rough, and loud, and wild, she isn't going to kill them.

Alright, time for me to go get some actual work done. And finally go get Sadie licensed with the county…I am such a bad procrastinator sometimes! (It's been over a year now…) 

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