Critters: Forget baby steps!

WOOHOO! Marly made it through the night!

Either I was finally so tired I didn't hear her, or she actually slept (or at least was quiet) all night. And there weren't any accidents in the crate this morning. Granted, this could be a fluke. Maybe it was a somewhat delayed reaction from her shots the day before…but whatever the case, it gives me hope!

Yesterday (and we will again today) we worked on going for a walk. She already does fairly well on a leash – most of the time – but if she gets overwhelmed with a new area or if there are too many other distractions she sits. And that is that. She doesn't budge without quite a bit of encouragement. We did make it to the end of our road yesterday, but this morning the new little outdoor kitty was following us and Marly want more to play with the kitty than to go for a walk. We will try again later when the outdoor kitties are off hunting.

All in all things are going well. Neil will be back tomorrow which will be nice. Now am off to try to convince the kitties not to tease the puppy when she is in her crate. They like to investigate which, during the day when Marly isn't always sleeping, can create quite a ruckus.

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