Critters: I need some suggestions/advice

Tonight something clicked with Sadie and she is now back in full obedience mode. This is a good thing…except for the kennel issue. I raised her using the command "kennel" whenever I wanted her to go to bed or otherwise get in her crate. Since the move last year (actually, a few months before the move) she became terrified of being shut in her kennel. She broke out twice – I think it contributed seriously to her torn cruciate ligament – and since then I haven't been able to get her in one for any length of time. Really this is OK for her because she is so good loose in the house and I use the living room chair as her 'safe spot'. However, Marly is now in the process of being crate-trained and out of habit I use the command "kennel".

This evening Sadie promptly went into the kennel with her when I told Marly what a good puppy she was for going into her kennel all by herself. Sadie then wouldn't come out. She looked as though she was afraid of getting in trouble if she did.

So, now I have to find another command to use with Marly so that Sadie doesn't get confused. Luckily Marly hasn't really learned the command at all yet so it will be easy to change up this early in the game. "Crate" just never comes out right for me…maybe "bed"? Anyone have any other suggestions?

(Sorry for the poor photo quality…it was still dark this morning and I grabbed the camera and just started shooting to get these "action" shots. I never got the chance to look at the settings.)

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6 thoughts on “Critters: I need some suggestions/advice

  1. That seems to be the consensus with most people I talk to. I think we shall give it a shot and see how things go. Mostly I am curious as to whether Sadie will pick up on it and start going in the kennel at that command too or not…she is really quick with things like that. šŸ™‚

  2. My dog goes to his Car blanket (He really hates the crate and since he is not destructive and doesn't chew I don't really use it anymore…he'll go in it, but…)
    and I use the command "Place" or find your place. This works well for me since I move every three months…. the car blanket goes with us, automatically creating his "place"

  3. Oooo I like that one! Thanks for the idea…and man, every three months? I have been moving about every two years and that is way too much for me! Kudos to you for being able to deal with all that.

  4. Ahhhh and now that I read through your journal I see why all the frequent moving. A very good friend of mine used to do the traveling nursing thing (I apologize, I am sure there is a prettier name for it!). She has since settled down here in Charlotte, NC and works for one of the Carolinas Medical hospitals full time/permanently.

  5. It's not so bad. Harder on the Dog than it is me. I actually own my own home, so I have somewhere to hang out, which a lot of travelers don't, but there are times when I'm in a cruddy apartment and I really really miss my home.

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