Critters: Marly breakthrough

Finally! With a LOT of coaxing and rewarding, Marly finally got past our street…and then for whatever reason (with the exception of just a couple times) was perfectly OK with going for a walk! We were out for about 30 minutes and will try again this evening after it has cooled off again. Something I have noticed is that she is not at all fond of being outside mid-day when it is still so warm outside. Maybe this week I will be able to find a little wading pool I can set up on the patio…we can see if she likes the water. Heck, it will be shallow enough maybe Sadie will join her.

Sadie was such a patient, good big sister on the walk. She really wanted to get going, but wasn't too terrible about pulling on the leash. We are working on this more/again, especially now that there will be two big dogs that we are walking soon. If they aren't well behaved there is no way I will be able to handle taking them both out anywhere.


Oh, and silly story of the day…the little black and white kitty came trotting righ in the backdoor this morning when I was taking the pups out to go potty. There were a few moments of chaos before I got a hold of him and escorted him back out on to the patio. Silly critters!

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