What a day. I am exhausted and still won’t be going to bed anytime soon. Due to Marly’s lack of wanting to walk with me she didn’t burn enough energy yesterday and was up and LOUD several times last night…and unfortunately today is pretty much the same story. And I just got home a bit ago so I think we will be up awhile playing and trying to at least do better than we did last night, even if we don’t make it all night again. At least the crate accidents seem to be over and done with.

Using the vacuum today went quite well, she just looked at it and then wandered into her crate and slept while I was doing that. Sadie, as usual, tried to eat it. Tomorrow I need to do some organizing and straightening up of rooms here – in particular, my bedroom. It is a pigsty. Then maybe the office if I am feeling really ambitious.

OK, off to instigate some more puppy playtime so I have a chance of at least a few consecutive hours of sleep.

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