Critters: Separation Anxiety

OK critter lovers out there…what suggestions do you have for dealing with puppy separation anxiety. During the day, Marly does just fine being in her kennel when I can't keep a close eye on her while I am working. We take breaks every couple hours for a potty break and some good romping. At night, though, it is a different story. I am sure it is because I am sleeping and she can't hear me moving about or I am not walking through the room to get to the kitchen for something to drink every so often. The occasional whimpering/whining I can deal with…it usually passes fairly quickly. It is the full on panicky sounding barking sessions (usually mixed with some whining) that I am not sure exactly how to handle.

I mean, I know that if I get up while she is throwing the fit that it could exacerbate the problem into her barking every time she wants my attention. But how long do I let the fit go on before doing something about it? And then what should I even do? The thing is, I don't even have to say anything to her. As soon as I walk into the room she settles right down…and she will even sleep most of the night if I am on the couch where she can see/hear me. And generally speaking, it is a separation/attention issue, not a needing to potty thing.

All ideas and suggestions are welcome. I guess as nuts as Sadie drove me at times as a pup, I didn't realize how good I had it! *laugh* Good thing I do know they will outgrow most of these things with a little time and patience.

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