Critters: Updates

Marly turned 10 weeks old on Saturday. She is growing like a weed – she can't just walk under Sadie like she could two weeks ago and she can now almost get up on the couch and chair in the living room. She is also getting more and more independent and we are almost able to get through the night now.

Saturday we found a new little park very close to the house that runs right a long the river. We went to go check it out and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. When she is a little older and has all her shots I am hoping to get her in the water and swimming. For now she will have to make due with her 25' leash and romping in the grass.

She also has one of the longest tongues I have ever seen on a dog!


Sadie is doing well with her new little sister. Teaching her doggie ways and playing typical puppy dominance games with her. Thankfully, as submissive and shy as Sadie is, she does put Marly in her place when she needs to. I am really glad to see her do that. She is also acting several years younger again – I think having the pup around to play with has done wonders for Sadie.


Bonnie is same old Bonnie. Pretty laid back and just wants to do her thing. Clyde on the other hand, between the new puppy in the house and the little black and white kitty outside the house, he has turned into a holy terror. He keeps sneaking/dashing out the door whenever I am taking the dogs for potty breaks or walks. And inside – inside he terrorizes poor Bonnie and is a general spazz. Slowly he seems to be settling out of it (a little) so I hope with time we can all get back to some sort of normal around here.


Mr. Mouser seems to be enjoying his outdoor life. He also enjoys his new little outdoor friend. The little black and white kitty is still around and not just still around, but he tries sneaking into the house whenever I open the door to take the dogs out. The other day was pure pandemonium..Clyde got out, little black kitty got in, and Marly managed to yank her leash out of my hand and go dashing after Mr. Mouser. All is well now, but I need to decide soon what I am going to do about the little guy.


Yes, I am a terrible mommy and have no recent photos of any of the other critters – though, in my defense, note that Neil took the two photos of Marly. Someday soon I hope to actually feel caught up on the projects for work, around the house, and in the yard so I can feel justified in spending some time with the camera again. Someday.  


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3 thoughts on “Critters: Updates

  1. No, unfortunately it was what appears to be a bitter break-up. When I talked to the guy who still lives there he essentially said he didn't give a rat's butt what happened to the cat – it wasn't his and he wasn't going to be held responsible for it.
    He was such a jerk that I wasn't going to argue with him…regardless if I end up with the kitty or we find it a new home, it will be MUCH better off either way!

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