Critters: Marly – 11 weeks old!

Yesterday Marly turned 11 weeks…and decided to prove what a big girl she is today by taking over Sadie's chair.


After waking Sadie from a nice nap and getting her down off the chair, she promptly jumped up there and then made her point. (I think she was also pretty excited to find out she could get at Sadie's level when she was up there!) All this ended with Sadie going off to sleep on the guest bed (seen in the background of the above photo) and pouting while Marly grabbed one of her plush toys and settled right into the chair.


No, I didn't pose her like that…she really is that adorable all on her own.

This afternoon consisted of all sorts of romping by the girls. And let me tell you…I am constantly amazed at the wide range of sounds they make when they are playing together. Even Clyde is starting to come around to realizing that Marly is alright and will come watch while they are playing. Bonnie still isn't so sure and keeps her distance.

It's time to play!Look cavities!Marly gets a hugPuppy Bellies

The best part of the day, though, was this evening. I finally got Marly to go for a walk in the neighborhood without bribing her with treats, without carrying her to the top of our road, and without too much nudging to get her moving! She always does fine once we are out of our cul de sac or if we go somewhere else like a park, but for whatever reason she had been very stubborn about walking away from the house/yard.

I also found out today that the US National Whitewater Center allows dogs on the property/trails there! Since it is so close to the house, we are going to go check it out later this week. If the trails aren't too crazy busy with mountain bikers I might take the pups over there a few times a week too. Worst case, there is a trail that is not quite a mile long that goes around the water area that will make for good lap walking I think. It will also be good further socialization for both dogs. 


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